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About ODF - One Diverse Fashion Models


ODF Clothing also known as One Diverse Fashion founded in 2009, and based in the UK is a lifestyle fashion brand, with an emphasis on classic sport luxe pieces.

Our brand pays homage to the preppy equestrian and Wimbledon tennis culture with hand-stitched crests and luxury quality. The fluctuating scene of London street fashion through smooth day-to-day athleisure & sports luxe rapidly evolves into high fashion collections.


ODF's ultimate aim is to produce everyday garments that people feel truly comfortable in, and though conventional, will still enable individuals to stand out confidently through these designs. 

Model wearing ODF sweater and hat with two horses.
Models wearing ODF outside Wimbledon

We unite various personalities through our fashion brand, with one common goal, for individuals to feel confident sporting each garment, in their own unique manner or style. We aspire to be the peoples brand celebrating our slogan 'Standing in to stand out'.

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